Cooking is an art and people who know how to cook are an artists. Cooking does not simply follow
recipe is available but it's also how you master it in cooking. Here are 9 tips
Good cooking makes you a true chef in your small kitchen.

1. Do not turn the meat many times when frying, because it will make the meat less crispy and lose its taste. To know when to turn meat, you shake the pan, see the meat is easy to move, it can flip.

2. Fish you want to get rid of the fishy smell can use the trick is to soak the fish in a 1 liter solution of water
add 3 tbsp of white wine and crushed ginger.

3. When steaming the fish if you apply a little chicken eggs on the fish, the fish will absorb the nutrients in the making eggs
Fish meat is soft, fragrant and more nutritious.

4. Lay a layer of lemon slices under the fish when grilling to avoid fish sticking to the grill, and also to add flavor

5. Soften butter quickly without melting: Heat a cup of water in the microwave, then pour the water away, facing up
the cup still heats up the butter. After a few minutes, the butter will soften without melting.

6. Are you in need of mayonnaise but not in your home? Mix 1 egg with 150ml
olive oil instead

7. If you want to get fried without getting fat before putting the fish in, you should sprinkle it a little more
flour in the pan first. If you want fried food to have a nice golden color, especially spring rolls, when
Heat the oil you squeezed into the oil pan a few drops of lemon juice.

8. Not all dishes we add salt directly from cooking. For the dish there
tubers should be added earlier to salt to infuse evenly, while boiled vegetables should only be used
Season with salt before cooking to avoid losing nutrients in the vegetables.

9. When cooking congee, you should soak the rice for 1 hour and then treat it, add a small handful of sticky rice to the boil
and. When the porridge is boiling, add a spoon of cooking oil to the porridge to prevent the porridge from overflowing
At the same time increases the flavor of the porridge pot.

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