1. What is vegetable?

Vegetables are one of the necessary foods in every daily meal, vegetables containing many essential nutrients so you know how to choose clean and safe vegetables to ensure a meal with the whole nutrients Of every member of your family.

2. How to choose clean vegetables?

Choose to buy clean vegetables are not too difficult if you know how to learn and absorb real experience for yourself, not only the new housewives need to know the experience of buying clean vegetables that you should also learn to be able to apply In the necessary cases in this life. We learn through this article

  • Choose delicious fresh vegetables stem stalks: For vegetables, fruits, you should choose fresh raw type, without bruise of rotten or falling stalks, wilted, or rotten is not intact. At the same time, you also avoid buying vegetables with a lot of land because this is an environment for many types of harmful microorganisms that sticks to vegetables.
  • Choose vegetables on the season: Vegetables often have two crops in that year are the main crop and season of season, you should choose to buy in the right season to avoid buying foods using growth stimulants and worms for your foods Selection.

We share some specific ways to choose vegetables for your reference:

  • Choose bean sprouts, you should choose a little bean sprouts will be safer than fat bean sprouts.
  • How to choose tomatoes, not everyone knows. The irregular tomatoes are prioritized for choosing because it nine naturally, not caused by stimulants, because when the ripe tomato is naturally, it depends on the amount of light received and nine different levels. Tomatoes are red pink, holding their hands, without being stamped, fresh and green is delicious and clean tomatoes.
  • Bitter melon is a familiar fruit, the limbs should not choose big, dark blue, big bulging, shadow skin, the fruits are fertilized, when eating will usually be poisoned. Choosing a moderate size, the shell with many tendons will be safer for your family.
  • For cabbage often has a season in November, cabbage cabins are tight, thick and closed leaves, no spread, small stalks are the number one choice. When buying you should ask to cut cabbage to check, avoid being pumped into the inside.

That is some experiences that help you identify clean vegetables in the present, be kidney in the main source of food for your family from now to ensure meals with full nutrients and safety for your family .

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